Newburgh Theological Seminary , Bible College Degree

Newburgh Seminary Degrees

Newburgh Seminary – Degree Programs –
An Opportunity For Ministry And Academic Growth –

 2016 Academic Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

“Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth” (click here)
Bachelor, Master or Doctoral in Missions, Evangelism, Church Growth


Bachelor or Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership

Eight Courses
40 Hours of study
A Great Program of study for the Person God is Calling
to Pastoral service.
Is God Calling You To Pastoral Ministry? 

Pastoral Leadership Degree
 Electives Give You An Option To Choose Textbooks That Will Help You In Your Educational Training. Utilize these electives as alternates. Or, review your degree program page for guidance
about using alternate texts from other pages on this site.
You May Alternate Up To Three Textbooks In The Doctoral Level Degree Programs If They Match More Closely With Your Dissertation Or Doctoral Project. Please Email Your Alternate Suggestions…

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